Live Video Customer Service on Shopify in 2022

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Shopify merchants should start preparing for the future potential of live video customer service.

What is live video customer service?

Live video customer service as we know it is interacting on live video with a customer to engage and delight them in every way. From solving customer issues to answering questions about your product or service in a clear and personal way. This works great for all Shopify merchants in our eyes.

Is live video customer service the future of e-commerce?

We tend to believer customers will always look for more ways to engage with an existing product they own or a potential product they wish to purchase. The personal touch of Live Video customer services lets them know the brand has invested in giving the best in customer service.

Why will live video customer service be valuable for Shopify stores in 2022?

In the e-commerce space small retailers are always in need of a way to stay in the game with the big players. Spicydesk is gives them the ability to provide the best the customer service, differentiating their brand even before the big retail brands get in.

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