Live Video As A Sales And Support Tool

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Live video is the best way to connect with your customers.

In this article, we’re going to explain why live video is a valuable sales and support tool and how you can use it.

Why Live Video?

The first reason why live video is a valuable sales and support tool is because it offers an interactive experience. Your customers will be able to see and hear you directly in real time, which makes them feel like they are getting personal attention from you. This can make them feel more comfortable about making their purchase decision or asking for help.

Live video also allows your customer service team to build trust with the customer by demonstrating that you care about their needs. You can answer questions about products or services, or give demonstrations that show off your products in action so customers know what they are getting before they buy it.

This type of interaction gives customers confidence that they are making the right choice when purchasing from your business because they know someone will be there to help them if they have any problems after purchasing something from you online!

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