How to Build an Amazing Live Video Sales & Support Program

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How to Build an Amazing Live Video Sales & Support Program

If you’re looking for a way to up your customer service game, live video may be the answer.

Live video has been proven to increase conversion rates, decrease bounce rate, and improve customer satisfaction. It's also a great way to build trust with your audience and show them that you care about their experience.

In this post we'll go over how you can use live video in sales and support. We'll also give some tips on how you can get started using live video today!

What is Live Video?

Live video is a real-time interaction between individuals or groups of people who broadcast their life or thoughts through digital media platforms such as Facebook Live or Instagram Direct. Since it's in real time, there are no edits or takes—it's all happening in front of your eyes!

Live video can be used as part of a marketing campaign or for personal purposes such as sharing memories with family members who live far away from each other (or even sharing your favorite recipe). However, most people use live video primarily as an alternative option when communicating with others face-to-face:

● You can stream something that's happening right now (e.g., a concert)

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