5 Tips to Deliver Live Video Customer Service in 2022

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Live video customer service is a hot the topic for brands trying to improve customer care. But what does it look like? As one of the first live streaming video customer support providers, we have a unique perspective. In this post I share our tips on how to deliver live video customer service in 2022 and tell you how you can prepare today.

1. Make your live video customer service more accessible.

Of course with you can add live video customer service to any website. In doing so, you do not want to place it in the corner of a page that does get

a decent amount of traffic. Make the widget available for your customers to engage with and let your customer reps handle the rest.

2. Invest in the right technology for a better experience.

When choosing a partner in this new endeavor of yours, it important to make a good choice, if not the best choice. Look for someone who is deep in the space and dedicated to making sure to align with the goals of your company. You will make sure to look for ROI, implementation, integration with your existing tools, support, and product roadmap.

3. Offer training on relevant video communication platforms.

Make sure you and your team are equipped with the skills and knowledge to take on this new frontier. Use the resources available to learn about the processes and workflows available to you.

4. Encourage your employees to do the same.

Let the team know you are in this with them, sometimes it can be challenging for the sales & support team to learn new processes and workflows. My suggestion is make it fun, let them know you are doing something to be closer to the customer, deliver great service and exceed your goals.

5. Help your customers feel at ease and engaged.

By now you know, the goal is to attract, engage, and delight all prospects and existing customers each and every time they interact with you and your team. Get a routine going to handle your inbound live video leads. The more you practice and go through the scenarios the better you will be and more success will follow.

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