5 Things to Know Before Live Selling on Websites

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Why Live Selling Should Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Live selling gives your customers the opportunity to see the customer service agents in person live during a call. The thought that they can talk to someone live on video while buying the product attracts them back to your site. Then you simply engage and delight the prospect.

Consistent Branding (Pre-Sale, During the Sale and After the Sale).

Give your brand the customer loyalty that you have worked hard to build in store or maybe just online. You can do this by having a consistent customer service behavior in store as well as online.

Exposure for Other Products During the Sale.

While live on calls with prospects and existing customers, you can not only show them products they are interested in but also cross sell products they may be interested in. The live video interaction allows for the agent to sense what can be a solution for the prospect and serve them in real time.

More Time to Locate the Item.

The customer will allow more time and show more patience knowing that the customer service reps working to solve the issue since they can actually see them. Giving customers attention while they are in need or ready to buy is critical.

Social Media Engagement.

After deploying this new feature to your online presence no doubt social media will take notice and come to see.

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