5 Strategies To Make Live Video Sales Stick

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Live video sales are a great way to boost your income and connect with your audience. But if you're not careful, they can be a hard sell.

Here are 5 strategies to make sure your live sales stick:

1. Make it personal. Nothing says "this is an authentic experience" like being able to see the person you're buying from in real time.

2. Use tools that let people join in on the fun. It's easy to miss out on a great sale if you don't see it in time, so make sure you have a way for people to sign up for notifications about what's coming up next!

3. Keep people engaged during the show by asking questions or giving them something to do while they wait for more information on what's being sold (like an activity sheet). This will keep their attention while they wait—and keep them from scrolling through other feeds while they should be tuning in!

4. Don't forget about yourself! Even though it's important to focus on others, don't forget that there's also an opportunity here for self-care and self-discovery as well! You might be surprised by how much more confident you feel after doing something nice for yourself

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