Mary Anglen Mike Disney Interview

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Recently, Mary Anglen and Mike Disney sat down for an interview where they discussed a range of topics related to their work in the field of healthcare. Mary Anglen is a senior vice president and chief nursing officer at Ascension Health, while Mike Disney is the chief operating officer at the same organization. During the interview, they spoke about their experiences working in the healthcare industry and the challenges that come with it. They also discussed the importance of collaboration and teamwork in providing high quality care to patients. Mary and Mike highlighted the role of technology in healthcare and how it has transformed the industry. They emphasized the need for organizations to adopt innovative technologies to improve patient outcomes and make healthcare more efficient. The interview also touched on the impact of COVID 19 on healthcare delivery and how healthcare organizations have adapted to the pandemic. Mary and Mike talked about the importance of preparedness and the need for healthcare organizations to be ready for future crises. Overall, the interview was an insightful discussion on the state of healthcare and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Mary and Mike provided valuable insights into their experiences and shared their perspectives on how healthcare can continue to evolve and improve in the years to come.

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